Custom Building


B.J. Drueding Builders, founded in 1972, can help you find your own special sense of place. We are a builder of houses that are fine in detail, striking in appearance, efficient in their use, enduring in their value.

Our company is based on a few common principles.

Integrity is important. Design integrity. Personal integrity. The integrity that comes from knowing one's trade and developing one's craft. Integrity has enabled us to win awards, better serve our clients, surpass expectations, and maintain high quality. It's a cornerstone, a guiding principle of everything we do.

We value honesty. Honesty is a simple word with a clear concept. Honesty helps us be open in our communication. It means we respect one another and our clients. You can trust Drueding Builders to be straightforward and honest in our dealings with you.

Value. We build houses with beautiful detailing, charming designs, and highly functional spaces. Spaces that look so good and work so well they feel like home right away. Houses that feel like home even before your furniture is in place.

We're not just people who happened to fall into the business of building homes. We're collaborators. We're a team. We're a group of professionals with different backgrounds and different skills, all of whom happen to love the process of building and the experience of creating a home.

The team approach starts with our staff. But it doesn't end there. Because once you come to us, you're on the team. That's why our work for you begins not with answers, but with questions. What is it that you want? How do you like to live? Now? Ten years from now? If you had to make some choices, what dreams would have to stay? Which could you let go when reality intervenes?

For many people, building a house is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So we maintain a great sense of adventure, helping you explore design options, choose materials, and make the decisions that are right for both the house and for you.


B.J. Drueding Builders creates homes for clients who already own a building lot or property in an existing neighborhood. Our pre-construction services for custom building include preliminary discussions of house plans, design ideas, site planning and budget. Under a Professional Services Agreement, B.J. Drueding Builders will assemble and coordinate the efforts of a team that includes the client and builder, the architect, interior designer, landscape architect, civil engineer, and other professionals that may be needed to plan and document your dream home.

More specifically, during the planning stage of a project, we provide:

  • Consultation on land planning, zoning, regulations and approvals Oversight of the design process for adherence to client expectations and budget Value engineering of plans, providing alternative method cost analysis Written detailed specifications for the project

  • Line item cost estimates and building schedules

Upon completion of the planning phase of the project, we will enter into a cost plus or fixed price building contract with the client.

During the construction phase of the project, B.J. Drueding Builders works closely with the client on the selection of finishes for the home. We keep up and keep you up to date on selections and scheduling in a well-organized, user-friendly process.

Experienced field supervision of the artisans, mechanics, craftsmen, and laborers who build your home provides the assurance that the house is built to the plans, specifications and to the high standards of fit and finish that have become the hallmark of a Drueding built home.