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The elegant tree-lined streets and stately homes of Gladwyne served as the inspiration for its newest community, Fenimore. Original Main Line neighborhoods were constructed using high quality materials and finishes - and artisan crafted details. We have incorporated such elements into the homes of Fenimore to give the community a cohesive character and help the new homes blend seamlessly with their neighbors.

The land plan preserves approximately twenty-two acres of open space, including the property's rolling meadows, mature woodlands and stream valley. The streetscape has been carefully designed to provide privacy yet allow the camaraderie found in old Main Line neighborhoods.

Although the homes of Fenimore will share a community character, each one will be unique and reflect the specific lifestyle of its owners. Daily on-site supervision assures a well-maintained construction site and quality workmanship. The result is a home that meets your dreams, in one of the country's finest settings.

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Philadelphia, Gladwyne still retains the walkable charm of a country village and the dignity that is the Main Line. That tasteful blending of old and new has made the Main Line what it is today... a place whose stately residences and gracious lifestyle are known throughout the world.

The land plan creates 24 new homesites - 5 on Waverly Road and 19 on 3 cul-de-sacs to the west and north of the original home, which will be preserved. The scenic view of that home from Youngs Ford Road will remain unchanged, due to the preservation of open space along the front of the property. Most of the new homesites will have beautiful views of rolling meadows and woodlands, and all are in close proximity to the Bridlewild Trail, a 33 mile trail system which is connected to the property.

Over the past twenty-five years, Don and Todd Pohlig and Bernie Drueding have built some of the finest homes and communities in the Main Line area. A drive through any one of their neighborhoods will reveal well designed homes in thoughtful settings, constructed with an attention to detail and finish that provides their owners with a lifelong investment in quality. Each company's stability and financial strength help assure buyers that promises made are promises kept.

Their companies share a sincere respect for the environment and a long term commitment to every community they create. That level of commitment extends through the broad network of dedicated staff, designers and craftsmen whose collaboration will establish Fenimore as Gladwyne's premier neighborhood. Each home will be a work of art and an enduring investment. This outstanding community will allow 25 families to become a part of Gladwyne's proud history - and its promising future. Fenimore homes are priced from $2.2 million.